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Public Relations Club
What is The Public Relations Club?
The practice of public relations varies throughout the world. "If you want something, go get it." - This quote sums up The Public Relations Club of Usha Pravin Gandhi of Management. 
The PR Club consists of vibrant and valuable members all marching towards one goal and that is - Developing a message for audiences and finding an appropriate way to deliver it. 
The PR Club believes that having a strong communication and relation through media ensures that people all around get to know about UPG College's activities and achievements.
Our members are always active and motivated.
Who are we ?
The PR Club involves - The President , The executives (Marketing, Publicity and Management) & Co - Executives , Heads and members. 
Committee members have experiences or expertise in mass communications and possess strong word processing skills. Having contacts with and access to local news media as well. 
Our Aim - 
Public relations signify the smile which UPG College wears. Through PR, our college tries to present its human face, make it approachable and likable. As such, public relations have to cover a range of activities – from latest achievements of the College to doing social causes for the society.
What do we do?
We develop our college's relations with media through promotion and different event.
Highlights of 2016 events:
1) LGBT campaign (Sushant singh came, guys were made to make roti and girls were asked to pick heavyweight) 
newspaper and ikarmic covered it)
2) Starbucks campaign (cholocate drinks for less forunate children)
3) Shivay singh Oberoi (Nakul Mehta) came with Timbuktoo boys 
4) The stage show
5) Internship fair
Some of the recent events as of 2017 follows-
1)UPG Foundation day Celebration was celebrated with the Snakes and Ladders with teachers and students. 
2) Karaoke event on Friendship's Day was  memorable with everyone coming together and singing there hearts out along with each other. 
3)Friendship's Day celebration by the core members by tying friendship bands to LGBT community people. 
4) Rakshabandhan celebration by tying the rakhi to Police men, Chai walas, Vendors etc.
5)Flashmob at Oberoi and Inorbit mall on the 70th Independence day by dancing and waving Tricolor up high.