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The term“eloquence” means “fluent or persuasive speaking or writing. ”We at eloquence aim at achieving fluency in thought and persuasion in speech.We in culcate the habit of speaking with conviction and writing from the depth of ones heart. We not only do justice to our name but work tirelessly eachday to redefine and embellish the term “eloquence” itself. We are indeed a public speaking committee but we’re so much more than just a public speaking committee. We want to make our pioneers proud. We want to the make the most ofo pportunities for our current members . More importantly, we want to leave an impeccable legacy behind for the future generations to carry forward. We at eloquence, believe in celebrating our growth just as much as our achievements . We believe in using the power of words to dazzle minds and move hearts.


Our Aim

We believe it is our aim to speak and write in such a way that our words don’t fade, they inspire and they influence and have an everlasting impact. All in all, to sum up, in words of Joseph Corad, “My task, which I’m trying to achieve is by the power of the written word, to make you hear, to make you feel, it is before all, to make you see.”



About our events

We organize events that revolve around different facets of public speaking. Debates that encourage thinking on the feet, Extempore events that always bring out the best stories, Speaking competitions which bring out the best of the orators. All revolve around improving public speaking skills, confidence building and overcoming fear of public speaking.


Flagship Event: Izhaar

A platform where people can express from the depths of their hearts. A platform that gives them the right of put forth their imagination and creativity like never before. A non-competitive spoken poetry event where words come alive.




Teacher incharge - Prof Mayur Vyas