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Entrepreneurship Cell
Entrepreneurship and Innovation Cell

Teacher Incharge

Dr. Abhijeet Mohite

Mr. Ashish Mehta

The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team”

- Phil Jackson.

The Entrepreneurship Cell of UPG prides itself on working together and helping one another. We value each of our members’ efforts. We strive for diligence and hard work. Our hope is to bring forth a change in our peers’ lives.

E-Cell strives to help build young entrepreneurs. Our committee endeavors to give our members a brief idea of the skills needed for being an entrepreneur. We hope to give our peers an opportunity to sharpen their skills. We foster our members to take a stand and know that one’s courage and confidence is what defines a leader.



OUR GOAL: Our committee’s goal is to help our colleagues understand the requisites of creating a venture of their own, while giving them a chance to rejuvenate from the mundane routine. We at   E-Cell remind our diverse youth the power that the execution of a simple idea can have. We urge our participants and organizing committee to showcase their zest and enthusiasm in every event. Our main goal is to give a boost to our future changemakers and mold them. 


Auction Caution - A unique Indian Premier League Auction with loads of surprising twists. The participants used their budgeting skills to create the best team possible with limited resources.

Maktub – Everyone has a story to tell – One of the flagship events of E-Cell, Maktub is a guest speaker session hosting several known personalities every year. Each of them shared their life journeys, the challenges they faced and the motivation that they required to keep going. Since the guests come from all walks of life, the students are able to get an idea of diverse fields and the different skills needed to survive the same.

E-Cell's Matchmaking - A creative play on the mergers of brands. Each team of participants was given 2 random brands and they had to come up with a product that the resulting merger would sell in the market. The participants would also have to use their creativity in the sales pitch for that product. This gave the participants, an opportunity to explore their creative as well as public speaking skills, both of which are essentials of an entrepreneur

Bidopoly – Considered as a successor of ‘Auction Caution’, Bidopoly was an online bidding game to build an empire of countries. Filled with volatility and fun twists and turns, this event helped the participants to learn budgeting and decision making skills while having fun during the pandemic

Stockathon – Pull up your Stocks - A virtual trade simulation with some real life turn of events. It was a 2-day online event where, on the 1st day, the participants had the opportunity to learn about the basics of the stock market from an industry expert himself. And on the 2nd day, the participants had the experience of stock market trading with the help of a simulation game, covering the volatility of the market and decision making skills required to make profit.

Bazaar-e-UPG – The ultimate flagship event of E-Cell, Bazaar-e-UPG, is a platform for students to sell their very own creations. It gives the students an opportunity to become an entrepreneur for 2 days. The students make investment in their set up and try to make profit during the 2 days of the event. The products range from aesthetic handicrafts and book stalls to fluid art workshops and mouth-watering food items. Live music and open mics add to the zest of the event and the participants wrap up their stalls with loads of memories and possibly profits too!