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IQAC-Seminar On Sports And Entertainment
IQAC seminar on Sports and Entertainment

The IQAC and Sports Committee of Usha Pravin Gandhi College of Management of Arts, Science and Commerce conducted a seminar on Sports and Entertainment at Santokba Hall on the 2nd of August 2018. The guest speaker for the seminar was Mr. Pankaj Athavale (Sports Consultant). The seminar was about the budding opportunities in the world of sports and areas related to it, ranging from sports equipment to E-games as a career prospect. A total of around 250 students from SVKM witnessed the seminar. A lot of interested parents were also seen along with their children at the seminar. The highly intriguing seminar informed the students about a lot of unpopular fields related to sports. This was followed by an open Question and Answer session with Mr. Pankaj Athavale. The seminar was highly appreciated and was marked a successful one in the end.