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M Com
  • Introduction & Objectives
  • Eligibility Criterion
  • SYLLABUS, Brief Curriculum & Examination System
  • Timetable
  • Faculty Members


O.5977: A learner for being eligible for admission to the Post Graduate  Programme i.e. Master of Commerce, shall have passed the examination for the degree of Bachelor of Commerce (three years / Six Semester integrated course) or the degree B. Com. (Old Course) or the other Semester based Programmes i.e. Bachelor of Commerce (Banking & Insurance) or Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting & Finance) or Bachelor of Commerce (Financial Markets) or Bachelor of Management Studies (B.M.S.) of this University, or an examination of any other University recognized as equivalent thereto.

O.5978: The duration of the M. Com. Programme shall be of two years consisting of Four (04) Semesters. The examination for the Master of Commerce programme will be held at the end of every semester viz. Semester I, Semester II, Semester III and Semester IV. The Examinations for Semester I will be held in the Second half of the academic year in which the learner was admitted (i.e. October / November), Semester II examinations will be held in the first half of the calendar year (April / May), Semester III examination will be held in the Second Half of the Calendar year (October / November) and Semester IV End in the first half of the calendar year (April / May).

Every candidate admitted to the degree course in the constituent /affiliated college / recognized institution, conducting the course, shall have to register himself/herself with the University.

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M Com Course Coordinator : Prof Shubhangi Nargund


Semester 1


1.       Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility       - A.Prof Naresh Sukhani  

2.       Economics for Business Decisions   - Ms Sharyn Bangera     

3.       Cost and Management Accounting   - Mr. Lokesh Tardalkar     

4.       Strategic Management  - A.Prof. Sriram Deshpande.


 Semester 2


1.       Research Methodology for Business - Mr Sagar Talreja. (Visiting Faculty).

2.       Macro Economics concepts and Applications - Ms.Sharyn Bangera

3.       Corporate Finance - Mr. Lokesh Tardalkar

4.       E-Commerce - Dr. Priyanka Sharma (Visiting faculty)


Semester 3

  1. Rural Marketing - A.Prof. Shubhangi Nargund
  2. Marketing Strategies and Practices - Prof. Abhijeet Mohite
  3. Entrepreneurial Management - A. Prof. Naresh Sukhani
  4. Project – PROJECT GUIDES
  • A. Prof. Naresh Sukhani
  • A.Prof. Shubhangi Nargund
  • Dr. Mayur Vyas

Semester 4

  1. Advertising and Sales Management
    1. Dr. Priyanka Sharma (Visiting Faculty)
    2. Dr. Yatindra Ingle (BMM Faculty)
  2. Supply Chain Management and Logistics  - A. Prof Naresh Sukhani
  3. Retail Management  – Ms. Rishika Bhojwani  (Visiting Faculty)
  4. Project – PROJECT GUIDES
    1. A. Prof. Naresh Sukhani
    2. Dr. Priyanka Sharma
    3. Dr. Yatindra Ingle
    4. Ms. Rishika Bhojwani