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Ever since its inception in 2010, there has been no looking back for RCUPG! In just 3 years, this club has undertaken hundreds of social initia- tives and philanthropic projects. Its track record is such that it has been ranked 11th among over 110 Rotaract Clubs all over Mumbai.

Fight against Bite, in association with the BMC, was a full-fledged malaria and dengue awareness campaign. In The Frolic Fair, RCUPGites set up their very own college mela. The proceeds were donated to The Goonj Foundation, which provides relief to the Uttarakhand victims.

The event found its way to The Times of India’s online edition. Mauj-e-Manch, the largest event in the RCUPG year, was a cultural extravaganza for over 700 orphaned and underprivileged kids all over Mumbai.In Words of Praise, our knights in three-wheelers—the rickshawwalas— were thanked with special goodie bags, chocolates and a personalized badge!

In Gifts and Giggles, 50 children in the Juhu slums were given gift boxes with apparel, books and accessories.
With Oyye Birdy Birdy Oyye, RCUPG crossed the boundaries and went to Baroda to save the birds that get injured during the kite-flying festival, and provide them medical care.

To celebrate World Literacy Day, Sak- sharta was taken up, where boys of YMCA were imparted vocational knowledge, and women of the slums were taught basic English. A Tale of Thoughts was a short story writing competition, and an anthology of the winners’ stories was published as an official e-book on Kindle. Book Boss was the literary variant of Bigg Boss, where participants had to survive for a day in a room full of books without food, water, connectivity or communication with each other!

With A Spin of the Globe every month, RCUPG led everyone into the lands of France, Spain, China and Italy, appreciat- ing their cultures through various activities.Youthanation: Behind Closed Doors was an anti-PDA campaign organized jointly with RCHC at Bandstand and Carter Road; it was featured in the Hindustan Times.

With every passing year, the club has witnessed an unwavering sky- bound progress graph. The club ensured that its members had an enlightening jour- ney of self-fulfillment and satisfaction, coupled with an exemplary, all-round, power-packed experience.


Committee Members

Dr. Mayur Vyas

Dr. Neelam Naik