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Social Outreach Unit
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Be a Reason for Someone’s Smile

Social Outreach Unit with the tagline “Be a Reason for Someone’s Smile” helps in creating an environment conducive for development by identifying the problems and helping the society deal with it. It is a unit working to reach the unreached stratum of the society and to touch the untouched subjects.


 This committee is the brainchild of our beloved principal Dr.  Anju Kapoor. We have conducted events that have brought a smile on the faces of children and also taught all of us how to find our true purpose in life. We believe in the holistic development of individuals. Saying one kind word and doing one kind action can truly make a great difference in someone’s life! You never know what you might have said that must have not mattered so much to you, but for the opposite person, it must have meant the world, so be kind and spread love

UPG Garden

The Social Outreach Unit of Usha Pravin Gandhi College took an initiative to build a garden within the college campusThere are different kinds of fruits and vegetables plants. Various activities like sowing seeds, harvesting, watering plants are done by the students of the college.


The Tetra Pack Event

The Social Outreach Unit of Usha Pravin Gandhi college had conducted a seminar along with the NSS unit on the recycling of Tetra Packs. These tetra packs when recycled can be used in making benches and desks for schools and colleges. As you can see the benches are made up of recycled tetra packs. We also had a BMC official joining hands with us in this initiative

Organ Donation Drive

The Social Outreach Unit of UPG college organized an organ donation camp in association with Shrimad Rajchandra Love and Care a public awareness campaign to encourage and promote organ donation after death

Clothes Donation Drive

The Social Outreach Unit of Usha Pravin Gandhi College of Arts, Commerce and Science conducted a clothes donation drive from the 17th to the 19th of December, 2019. Boxes were put up so that everyone could anonymously put in the clothes voluntarily. All the clothes that were collected including warm clothes were donated to the Poddar Foundation for the noble cause of donating them to the Uttarakhand Flood Victims. Thus, the committee supported this great cause, remembering the importance of humanity. It was a small effort by the committee to help the victims because we believe that helping one person might not change the whole but it could change the whole world for that one person. We were really ecstatic on seeing the smiles on their faces after everything that they had been through. Truly, a smile is a curve that sets everything straight.

Awareness about Good Touch and Bad Touch

The Social Outreach Unit conducted an event with the 5th and 6th grade children of Manila Suderji Municipal Tamil School, with the aim of spreading awareness among them regarding the crucial concept of understanding the difference between a Good Touch' and a 'Bad Touch', on the 30th of September, 2019. The children need to protect themselves from the maliciousness in the world. Seeing the children learn such a valuable topic made all the students of our college extremely happy as we were able to make a difference in their lives by teaching them concepts that are crucial for their life

Suicide Prevention Day Activity

On the World Suicide Prevention Day, SOU did its small bit and talked about the various reasons to live and value the gift of life be thankful for it every single day

A Day with Kids

On 4th February, 2020, the Social Outreach Unit conducted a day with the kids in collaboration with the Vivekananda Youth Forum. It was a fun filled event. It was an incredible experience where the members of SOU got to spend time with the children who sang, danced, acted, narrated stories, performed kits and so much more. It was a memorable time watching the shirt film and playing skill based games with the little hearts. Their energy and enthusiasm left everyone awestruck. The kids also enjoyed the mimicry session and had a good laugh. We also played memory games. The smile on their faces made our hearts swell with happiness and we enjoyed ourselves thoroughly.

Committee Members

Teacher In-Charge

Prof. Abhijeet Mohite

Prof. Madhuvanti Date

Student General Secretary