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The Buddy Project
The Buddy Project
The Buddy Project- A Bridge to bring College, Home!

The mentoring cell of our college, the Buddy Project aims at easing the lives of the newly inducted first year students into our college. The mentor or ‘Buddy’ help each and every first-year student individually through “Buddy groups” and one-on-one sessions. Whether you need help with your notes, presentations preparations or how to navigate your way through different college committees your buddy has got your covered. This committee also helps the incoming FYs with crucial internship opportunities which will definitely help one to build a strong and distinguished resume.


Team Buddy Project-

Prof Lokesh Tardalkar




Throughout the year, the Buddy Project hosts variety of events, seminars, and webinars aimed at enhances the personal skills, communication skills and academic skills of the first year students.  We also organize fun games which help first years know their peers better.

  1. Maphazard- The flagship event of the Buddy Project is a combination of general knowledge, your grip on our college and your ability to perform tasks.
  2. UPG’s annual quiz- The annual knowledge fiesta features team facing off against each other in a GK marathon. Strengthening the knowledge base, teamwork skills and thinking of your feet are the main goals of this event.
  3. Presentation workshops- One of the most innovative and challenging art of everyone’s college life are projects and presentation. From how and from where gathering content, to ways in which you can best your presentation and speaking skills. The Buddy Project organizing stream-specific presentation workshops where your buddies will help you make your presentation picture perfect.


Internship Channel-

A part of having a successful college experience is gaining professional experience in your field of choice. Through internships and part-time jobs, students acquire the valuable knowledge of how to cope with the dynamic of a workplace. And the Buddy Project is here to provide our FYs with as many internship opportunities as possible through our stream specific Internship Channels.

Having a good college experience is as important as earning your degree. And the first step in that direction is a successful transition to the college in the first year. The Buddy Project helps the newly admitted first year students with getting to know our college and its functioning better. Through various events, seminars and internships, the Buddy project eases the life of our FYs. Whether your problems is big or small your buddy is always there for you.