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LitFest 2018
UPG's LitFest
About LitFest

UPG’s LitFest 2018 is a celebration of art and culture, the first non-competitive festival of its kind. It provides an open platform to people from all walks of life including, but not limited to, students, teachers and professionals from various media platforms. It is a literature extravaganza with an amalgamation of all forms of art which gives an opportunity to experience art in all its bravado. LitFest branches into various departments such as written and spoken literature, music, dance, films, theatre, and fine arts.


LitFest 2017

LitFest 2017 was a grand success witnessing a footfall of 5000 people and renowned dignitaries from the media industry. Irshad Kamil, Durjoy Dutta, The Unerase Team and Harnidh Kaur were amongst the many honoured guests who graced us with their presence. The events were engaging and captivating, with maximum participation in all of them.

It was our privilege to have Mr. Irshad Kamil hold an exclusive lyrics writing workshop. He had abundant valuable insights for the aspiring poets and lyricists. His passion for literature made the workshop vibrant and encouraging.

The beauty of reading a paperback edition has been forgotten in this modern era of e-books. Throwing light on this idea, a panel discussion, ‘Libraries Buried Alive!’ with renowned personalities like Harnidh Kaur, Faraaz Kazi, Radha Krishnan Pillai, Varun Gwalani, and Durjoy Dutta was a grand success.

Another panel discussion, ‘On Lyrics and Strings’ with Rochak Kohli, Sandeep Nath, and Madhav Ajgaonkar was most enlightening. The audience took on the journey of music from words to tunes to saccharine melodies.

The screening of ‘Mukti Bhawan’, and an interactive session with the star cast left the youth enraptured. They dwelled into a heart-warming tragicomic tale about life, death and reconciliation whilst putting mainstream cinema on hold.


LitFest 2018

LitFest 2018 is now in its second edition and is taking place on

27th, 28th  & 29th September, 2018