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UPG Techvanza
UPG's Techvanza
Techvanza 2019
About Techvanza: Techvanza is the first ever annual IT festival organised  by  the students of Usha Pravin Gandhi College of Arts, Science and Commerce. A platform that showcases the power of Information Technology that our IT department leads. Our festival adopts a particular theme and organizes various events related to it. This is a fest of the college that unbars the students from every college, irrespective of their fields or specifications, thus providing a great opportunity to mingle and connect with others from various walks of life.
Techvanza'17: 2017 was the year that led the foundation of Techvanza. Each event was planned  in such a way that shows and emphasizes on different concept of information technology and how it connects us in today's world
THEME: Binary(0001110111).
Techvanza'18: Techvanza had opened it's door to massive success, a fest having numerous events, favouring every skill set in sync with IT. Without exception, all the events were divided into two like   Academic & Gaming. Under the guidance of their teacher in-charge Swapnali Lotlikar, the team worked quite well to bring even great response during that year.
THEME: Wumpus Hunt (AI)
Techvanza'19: Connection is essential to our existence, we exists to connect.... Let's connect the dots that connect us to everything. Just the beginning of a  new chapter, Techvanza'19 is now out with their tagline... 
Techvanza'19, it connects us, it will be held on 12th &13th of December.Stat connected to us
THEME: Intrigued? ( Mystery)
The essence of a Mystery, the unknowing effect of things, everything that brings the thought of what?, Why?, How? Is what we display through our this year's festival